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One of the highlights is Singhage’s remarkable aptitude at multi-roling... using a simple prop of a rolled-up sarong... 

Charming and hilarious, and you are immediately invested in the journey Singhage is making...

Hannah Goldswain

on 'The One TEEN Show' in EdFringeReview

Leeth Singhage’s charisma is wildly infectious in this debut performance at the Fringe. He completely charms you with his stunning vocals, his sensitive story and his cheeky grin. Be prepared to fall in love.

Natasha Leake

on 'GROWTHesque' in EdFringeReview

The title of “Star of the Show,” however, has to be given to the young actor portraying Ariel (Leeth Singhage), who left the viewers in awe with his perfect characterisation of the airy island spirit; light on his feet and magical in his movements. Add to that his singing capabilities, which left the audience with goosebumps every time he sang...

Ruwendi Wakwella

on 'The Tempest' in the Daily Mirror, 2017

Articles & Interviews

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- Richard Beck, Broadway Baby (UK) 2022.

- Blair Ingenthron, BroadwayWorld (USA) 2022.  

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